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Robinson Center welcomes Beauty and the Beast

This Scene was originally published in the Nov. 27, 2013 issue of Sync

Young or old, chances are you know the story of Beauty and the Beast: A magic spell has trapped a handsome, albeit selfish, prince in the body of a beast until he proves he can love and be loved in return. A young, bright and curious girl named Belle winds up in his captivity, and the two begin an unlikely romance — breaking the spell in the nick of time.… Read more >

Science of Pi(e) at Museum of Discovery

The end of the month signals the return of Museum of Discovery‘s adult-friendly, beverages-encouraged happy hour and learning experience called Science After Dark. The theme of November’s Science After Dark is The Science of Pi(e), as in 3.14 (Π) and as in the tasty Thanksgiving dessert. This month’s event has been moved to the last Tuesday from the usual last Wednesday of the month because of the holiday. According to Museum of Discovery’s Facebook page, this is what you can expect to enjoy and learn about at this month’s event:… Read more >

Arkansas Arts Center Museum School Sale Saturday at Metroplex

Marianne Kirksey from Conway checks out the watercolor painting by artist Delia Prather while Kirksey was shopping at the Arkansas Arts Center Museum School Sale on Saturday. The sale included pottery, paintings, photography, jewelry and wood pieces of original works by the Arkansas Arts Center Museum School faculty and students.  Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/KAREN E. SEGRAVE

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/KAREN E. SEGRAVE
Marianne Kirksey from Conway checks out the watercolor painting by artist Delia Prather while Kirksey was shopping at the 2007 Arkansas Arts Center Museum School Sale.

More than 100 Arkansas Arts Center Museum School instructors and students will be on hand selling original artwork at the Museum School Sale Saturday at the Clear Channel Metroplex. The sale is free and open to the public from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday and offers unique and affordable photography, paintings, pottery, jewelry, woodwork, fused glass, metalwork and more. Pieces make great Christmas, birthday or hostess gifts if you’re not in the market to collect art of your own. (But really, why wouldn’t you be? The Museum School is home to some amazing local talent.)

If you’re a member of the Arts Center, be sure to catch the special members-only preview Friday from 6-9 p.m.  The night provides the first pick of this year’s sale items, as well as refreshments. Memberships will be sold at the door and online if you’re not already a member.

For more information, visit the Arkansas Arts Center’s website.… Read more >

Great Russian Nutcracker returns

This Scene was originally published in the Nov. 20, 2013 issue of Sync

Moscow Ballet returns to Little Rock for a performance of the Great Russian Nutcracker, which features a company of 40 along with 60 selected local students.

Local youth were chosen to participate in the Great Russian Nutcracker through a series of auditions conducted in September and October by four members of the company, says Sally Keyes, director of public relations for Moscow Ballet North America. “The four soloists came to 15 cities each to audition kids and then rehearsed for two or three days,” Keyes says. After the solo dancers moved on to continue more auditions, teachers at local studios continued to lead rehearsals with young dancers. Though DanceArts Studio in Hot Springs is the host studio for the local production of the Moscow Ballet, children from all different studios were invited to audition, Keyes says.… Read more >

Mark Spitzer to read at Faulkner County Library

UCA professor of creative writing and editor of the university’s Toad Suck Review Mark Spitzer will read Tuesday from his two latest books, Crypto-Arkansas and After the Octopus. Both were published by Spuyten Duyvil Books in New York this year.

Crypto-Arkansas is an account of Arkansas’ legendary monsters told in poetic form, formatted in a waterfall of lines — some rhyme, some don’t — like something pulled from a Shel Silverstein work. There are footnotes and references back to Spitzer’s research scattered in the lines of poetry. He calls the style “investigative poetry.”… Read more >

Few of our favorite things

This week’s issue was dedicated to 21 of our favorite things as a Sync staff, from the great outdoors to cultural experiences to yummy food. With the holidays coming up, these are a few of our faves from the shopping section: 

Eggshells Kitchen Co.

Register for your wedding or pop in for a stocking stuffer; either way, you’ll find everything you could ever dream of needing for a kitchen in this corner spot in the Heights, from appliances and utensils to rubs, salsas and mixes. And if you’re still somewhat clueless in the kitchen, like I am, the friendly staff will guide you in the right direction. Also keep your eyes peeled for cooking demonstrations by the area’s best chefs. (sm)… Read more >

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