Sherwood’s Katie McGowan, Matt O’Baugh star in ‘Ink Master’

Matt O'Baugh & Katie McGowan of Black Cobra Tattoos in Sherwood| Courtesy of Spike TV

Matt O’Baugh & Katie McGowan of Black Cobra Tattoos in Sherwood | Courtesy of Spike TV

Two native Sherwood tattoo artists will soon put central Arkansas on the ink-filled map.

Katie McGowan and Matt O’Baugh, of Black Cobra Tattoos, will star in season six of Spike TV’s Ink Master, a reality-TV competition that pits 18 tattoo artists against one another until one winner is crowned and takes home the $100,000 prize. Ink Master‘s new season premieres tonight at 9 p.m.

And this season, it’s master vs. apprentice.

Not only will each competitor have to face the other artists from across the country, they have to rival against someone from their own shop, too.

O’Baugh, owner of Black Cobra Tattoos, has been a tattoo artist for 14 years. Aside from being an award-winning artist, he also has experience as a blacksmith and knife maker. O’Baugh prides himself on his versatility, as he has been known to create tattoos that range from darker, dramatic works to more colorful and majestic portraits. View his work here.

McGowan, O’Baugh’s apprentice, has been a tattoo artist for five years. Her works are colorful, bold and have also won her various awards. She also has hopes of becoming the first woman to win the Ink Master title. View McGowan’s portfolio here.

Every week, the show’s challenges test the artists’ spontaneous creativity by requiring artists to create an original tattoo on command and prove their ability to excel in various techniques, such as Japanese, American traditional, Victorian, trash polka tattooing and more.

Ink Master artists execute their challenges on a Human Canvas, an individual who volunteers their body for tattooing and also has a say in deciding which artist is eliminated.

Ink Master judges include Jane’s Addiction artist Dave Navarro, Miami Ink star Chris Nunez and Olive Peck of Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas.

Follow O’Baugh on Twitter at @mattobaugh¬†and McGowan at @tattoosbykatie.

Click here to learn more about the contestants.


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